12d Synergy add-on for Synergy

12d Synergy add-on for Synergy

Architects and engineers can use the 12d Synergy add-on to pull important project information from Synergy for CAD and 12d Model projects.

Use the 12d Synergy add-on for Synergy to pull important project information from Synergy into 12d Synergy.

12d Synergy is a data management and project collaboration tool for Windows environments. It’s designed to work seamlessly with CAD, 12d Model and other geospatial applications. The 12d Synergy add-on for Synergy pulls important project information from Synergy into 12d Synergy.

  • Import project contacts from Synergy
  • Import project details from Synergy
  • Import project attributes from Synergy

12d Synergy is a geospatial data management tool for 12d Model, CAD and other products such as XP SWMM and TUFLOW. It’s also a rock-solid document control and management package with email management integration.

12d Synergy helps busy AEC offices — with surveyors, engineers, project managers — manage the volumes of data, documents and workflows created around engineering and construction projects. The system creates an efficient, collaborative environment with a single source of truth and remote access. AEC businesses can use the system to workshare with designers or surveyors in the field from anywhere with Intelligent Data Transfer.

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Key benefits of connecting 12d Synergy to Synergy

The 12d Synergy add-on provides an optimized business solution for the engineering and architecture industry by connecting Synergy’s project management information to 12d Synergy’s data management.

The 12d Synergy add-on automatically imports information from Synergy, preventing double entry, saving time and reducing errors.

The 12d Synergy add-on for Synergy allows you to:

  • Automatically import information from Synergy to generate jobs, folder structures and associated tasks in 12d Synergy
  • Import contacts from Synergy to 12d Synergy
  • Import project details
  • Import project attributes
  • Other custom fields on projects are also available

Plus, with Synergy’s cloud application and 12d Synergy’s remote access capabilities, you have access to all of your important project data from anywhere.

About 12d Synergy for architects and engineers

12d Synergy is designed to cure the daily issues civil engineers, surveyors and architects face. The system improves the integrity of data and workflow through your business via a number of functions including:

  • Check-in / check-out version control system with rollback for all files
  • Advanced CAD management
  • Complete 12d Model integration — the only product with this capability
  • Full audit trail of all documents, files and transmittals
  • Simple, secure and human-error-free filing and retrieval of email correspondence
  • Seamless data worksharing between staff, remote locations and multiple offices
  • Share very large files with ‘dropbox-like’ file transfers
  • Drive project workflows with task templates, reminders and reports
  • Enforce document naming and filing policies
  • Provide geographical context to jobs, clients and files with mapping and spatial search
  • Easy to use permission control, regulate access to folders and documents

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