Synergy2019 — Success by Design

Our national conference is back! After a hiatus in 2018, while we hit the road with the Synergy Cloud product roadshow, our national conference returns to Sydney for 2019.


Date: Friday 13 September 2019 (yes, we went there)

Venue: UTS Dr Chau Chak Wing building (aka the crumpled paper bag by Frank Gehry)

Time: 8:30 am to 6:15 pm (a packed day of insights and networking)


The Synergy national conference is all about enabling our customers to do better business with technology.

This year’s theme is ‘success by design’. Success means different things to different people. Professionally, it depends on the stage your career or business is at — is success about securing a job with a good firm? Delivering your first project? Winning an award?

For new businesses, success can be as simple as paying your staff at the end of the month. Or as the business grows, it could be about showing profit on projects, hiring the best staff, winning proposals, or even exiting your business.

Or perhaps success is about finding more time to spend with your family, or not working until 10 pm every night.

Whatever it means to you, success takes many forms. In the business of architecture, engineering and construction design, success can be designed into your business model, strategic approach, systems and identity.

Synergy2019 is about looking at how the right application of technology and best business practices help you design your business for success.

Synergy2019 — Success by Design Synergy2019 — Success by Design


Together, we’ll dive into a combination of:

Synergy insights — up to three hours of Synergy product training! Understand how Synergy is a foundational platform for your business, helping to successfully plan and deliver your projects and manage your practice. You’ll also get exclusive insights into the Synergy product roadmap.

Technology vision — This year our technology keynote is from Jaron Cohen, partner technology manager at Microsoft Australia. A specialist in modern workplace and collaboration technologies, Jaron will talk about how the notion of the workplace is changing, how people are finding new and better ways of working as teams, and how technology enables business success in remarkable ways.

CEO keynote — Total Synergy CEO Scott Osborne has a wide-ranging talk about the state of the industry, changes and growth at Total Synergy and what that means for you, how we’re progressing with old to new software migration, and will introduce our new head of customer success.

Executive and leadership insights — in our afternoon stream for directors, owners and business leaders, we look at best practice for developing and managing high performing teams, how to set your AEC practice up for success, and a director’s perspective of Synergy in a one-hour Synergy training session.

Hands-on with Synergy — two hours of Synergy product training covering project planning and delivery, all-new project performance and revenue recognition, and Synergy reporting.

Applied Synergy — enjoy these ‘fireside chats’ (without the fire) with Synergy users — people like you, from businesses like yours — about their business and how they use Synergy.

Vision keynote — as with all Synergy conferences, we wrap up the day with a visionary keynote, something inspiring, practical, funny and visionary to leave you inspired for your future. This year we’re excited to announce Dan Gregory — Dan is a captivating leadership speaker whose business acumen is matched by a rapier wit and rare human insight gained during a three-year sabbatical working on the US and UK stand-up comedy circuits. Skills put to great use in front of 1.4 million viewers as a regular on ABC TV’s “The Gruen Transfer” and The Seven Network’s “Sunrise”.

“It’s always about stepping out of your comfort zone with your peers and learning something new. A must attend event for Synergy users.”


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Synergy2019 — Success by Design Synergy2019 — Success by Design

Standard tickets

$695 +GST
(from 14 June 2019)


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Our discounts are designed to incentivise the conference for all our customers, and acknowledge interstate and international travel. Synergy is for your whole team, not like the old days when it was primarily a practice admin tool. The more people you bring, the cheaper the individual ticket price is for all.


  • Interstate discount — $100 (Available if you’re outside NSW or more than three hours road travel from Sydney. Check your emails for discount codes or contact us.)
  • Bring the team — Get your third and more tickets at half price

Discount examples

  • A team of four from outside NSW costs just $420 per person (ex GST)
  • A team of five from NSW costs $485 per person (ex GST)

Buying a ticket means you have read and accepted the Synergy2019 terms and conditions.

Ticket pricing explained: The ‘bring the team’ discount means your third and more tickets are half price. If you select an option for three or more tickets, the prices have been averaged to include the discount. Prices as shown per ticket. The interstate discount is deducted from the total number of tickets (discount per ticket) when you apply the discount code. Clear as mud? Great!

The Total Synergy national conference is designed to be a cost neutral event (i.e. no profit for Total Synergy). Ticket revenue is invested in the many elements required to create a fantastic, full-day technology conference for you.

Additional information

If you’re travelling to Sydney and need accommodation for the night or weekend, look no further than our additional info page with links to hotels near the UTS Dr Chau Chak Wing building.


“A good opportunity to meet other Synergy users and establish contacts. The final presentation by Peter Berner was brilliant. Not only was it extremely humorous but also quite thought provoking.”

“I always enjoy the entire day, from the Synergy staff to the client speakers. I enjoy learning each time.”

“It was exciting to hear how Synergy will change and improve the way we operate and how we communicate both internally and externally.”

“As always the event was lively and kept my interest. You have a great team.”


“Really insightful look at the value we place on what we do in the office and how we can change the way we think about recruiting and utilising our people.”

“Have already adopted some of the suggestions [Peter Berner] made in his talk and have added to my swag by donning a sketch pad and pen at all times.”

Synergy2019 — Success by Design Synergy2019 — Success by Design


Synergy2019 is packed full of presenters ranging from #TeamTotalSynergy talking Synergy product and sharing individual expertise, to outside experts in HR and practice management, plus a technology keynote speaker from Microsoft. As ever, we wrap up the day with a sensation, thought-provoking keynote speaker.

See all speaker profiles here.

Synergy2019 — Agenda

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Synergy2019 — Success by Design Synergy2019 — Success by Design

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