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Discussion between two directors about the value of non-utilised time.

The value of non-utilised time

December 21st, 2017

Should we be driving utilisation down?

In this ‘fireside chat’ from the Synergy2017 national client conference, NBRSArchitecture director Rodney Drayton talks to Partridge Engineers director Andrew Derbidge about his views on non-utilised time.

Rodney’s view is that by taking a different approach to utilisation, we can invest time in the future of the practice – the intangible pieces that add value to your business – and that time then becomes arguably more valuable than the normal billable time we see from utilisation. Rodney presents his case with charts and data representing his thinking and talks about how NBRS is taking advantage of this point of view.

This is an engaging chat with two leaders in the Australian AEC industry. Sit back, (grab a whisky?) and enjoy the talk.

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