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SYNERGY2019 — The Total Synergy National Conference

Synergy2019 — our national conference returns

April 8th, 2019

If you’re new to the Synergy fold — and you may well be, we’re adding new 30-day free trialers and the resulting customers at a rapid pace — you may be wondering what Synergy2019 is all about. You also may not have heard of it yet… either way, this blog will help!

Total Synergy group marketing manager, Jamie Millar,  explains the magic and moxie of our national conference — a full day event about architects, engineers and construction designers doing better business with technology — and why you should join us in September.

“It was great that all the information presented at the conference was industry-relevant, especially regarding the future of technology and the market. The speakers were exceptional!”

That’s a quote from one of our previous conferences. Here’s another one:

“I appreciated the variety of presenters and the balance of product presentation and strategic motivational and thought-provoking sessions.”

And another:

“Once again, lots of “aha” moments — good to be together in a room full of Synergy users and understand that we are facing the same challenges as others and getting different perspectives on how to manage those challenges.”

There are dozens more.

These comments sum up, better than I can, what the Synergy national conference is all about (but I’ll try anyway). Synergy2019 is the return of our national client conference, taking place in Sydney on Friday 13 September (oh yes, we went there!). It’s for people like you — Synergy customers and users — gathering together to learn how to get more from the software, how other companies use Synergy, what the industry looks like today and how it might look in the near future, how to think of technology as a business strategy, and, overall, how to do better business in the built environment design industry.

We held our first four annual conferences from 2014 to 2017. In 2018, we went on tour around Australia with a product roadshow for the launch of the Enterprise level of our new software. This year, we’re back to our national format in Sydney with another stellar line-up of speakers and content.


Synergy2019 is a conference for our customers. However, this is the first year we’ve run it with customers on two products — our older on-premises product (most of you indicate you will sooner or later migrate to cloud Synergy) and our cloud product that launched in November 2017. It’s also the first time we’ve had future customers using our 30-day free trial to assess Synergy for their business and project delivery needs. Our new trial customers may not have yet decided to implement Synergy across their business. Not to worry, you’re all welcome!

The growth of our new Synergy cloud product has humbled and delighted us. This is the fastest growing product in the history of Total Synergy with over 180 new client businesses signing up in just over 16 months. This makes for an interesting challenge in putting on a conference. But we love a challenge.

Whichever product you’re using, or whatever stage your business is at, the Synergy conference has something for you if you’re interested in doing better business with technology and Synergy. We’re intensely focused on bringing AEC professionals together (from everywhere) and setting them up for business success.


Synergy2016 keynote speaker Dr. Jason Fox says it best:

“No-one gets into business with the intentional aim to become irrelevant. Many people find themselves irrelevant when they become too busy for meaningful progress. It’s the very fact that you’re here in this room, stepping out of your normal perspectives, engaging with new thinking that buffers and wards against this… It’s the folks that are too busy for events like this, too busy running around ticking all the right boxes, that are most at risk… You have to have the curiosity to explore new ways of working.”

The Synergy national conference caters to all our users, from admin staff, to project managers, to directors and owners. It’s an opportunity for everyone to grow.

Directors and owners get a bigger picture view of doing business in the AEC industry, get to better understand Synergy from a director’s perspective, and a focus on key leadership topics, like recruiting and managing the best people, setting up your financials strategically, and understanding why brand is a key business strategy.

We’ll also have a separate training stream with four sessions on getting more from Synergy. This stream covers topics like resource planning and revenue forecasting, budgets and project templates, pre-billing and revenue recognition, and Synergy reporting.

As ever, we have two outstanding keynote speakers. Our technology keynote presenter is from Microsoft with a focus on the workplace of the future and creativity with technology. And we once again bring a closing keynote speaker to wrap-up the day with a big picture view of how to lift your business and people to achieve more and love being part of your vision. This year, we’re excited to have Dan Gregory from the Impossible Institute, also often seen on the ABC’s Gruen Transfer.


One of the biggest benefits we hear each year is the opportunity to meet likeminded people from similar businesses, each facing similar challenges. This is your industry, and these are your colleagues — there’s no better opportunity to network, learn, share stories and grow together.

I’ll wrap this up with one more quote from a previous conference:

“I will be a Synergy Conference Tart — it motivates me for another 12 months of what big ideas I can achieve with Synergy. I am in awe of what some of these amazing business/practice administrators achieve for the businesses.”

If you’re keen to be part of the Synergy conference community, find out more on the event page and perhaps we’ll see you on Friday 13 September. No Jasons allowed… (We’re kidding, of course Jason’s are allowed!)

The Total Synergy national conference is a cost-neutral event. That means we don’t budget to make a profit — all ticket revenue is invested in the event (there’s a lot to cover!).


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