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Synergy product update — 28 October 2019 — Help!

October 28th, 2019

Help! I need a wingman… Help! Not just any wingman… Help! Y’know I need wingman… Sy-ner-geee-eeeee-eeee

This month’s update is all about improvements to Synergy’s help resources. If you’ve delved into the help files, knowledge base, support channel, you may have wondered why there are three different places to go for help. Fair point.

Now, we’ve consolidated all the help to one, central platform. We’ve retired ‘help.totalsynergy.com’ and migrated all of that content to ‘support.totalsynergy.com’. We’re also changing how the content is found and presented to you for maximum help and minimum time invested on your part.

You can find out all about this in the video below, and you can read this blog by our way too excited support specialist Scott Donnelly (aka ScoDo). (Actually, he’s not way too excited, this is a great thing).

More updates

As with any product update, there are always a few minor things in amongst the big thing. This month we have also updated:

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And now, The Beetles… (go on, you can’t resist).

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