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Synergy product update — 27 May 2019 — Update to project portals

May 27th, 2019

Our May 2019 release brings a much-requested enhancement to Synergy project portals in a project collaboration and communication extravaganza! There are also some small updates to the availability planner and multi-currency invoicing.

UPDATE — Promoting portal privacy

When you add external people to your project portal — you know, so they can collaborate with the project team in a chat thread, share documents, reduce emails and meetings, boost productivity, work as a complete project team, and all that collaborationy kind of thing — everyone can see who each other is…

Until now.

We’ve given portal privacy a boost and restricted who third party people can see unless you give them permission. In addition, the staff of the organisation whose project portal it is, now have greater visibility into the conversations taking place.

Find out more in the help files (login to Synergy and click help and go to the ‘what’s new’ tab).

UPDATE — Portal me tender

The new privacy settings in the portal provide a big benefit to project teams that want to break the big bad email habit when submitting tender documents. You can now send tender documents in the portal to multiple parties using Synergy’s transmittals feature and ensure all parties remain anonymous. Find out more about that in the help files.


Read Synergy product manager Paul Hemmings’ blog about the portals update: Using your project portal to put out for tender — so easy you don’t even need to stretch up!

UPDATE — Availability planner

We’ve adjusted the impact to the status of utilisation of a project made by a short or extended period of unavailability. Pretty exciting (it is to some!) — find out more in the help files.

UPDATE — Reporting filters

The ‘budget vs actuals’ report now shows the budgets vs actuals details of all your open projects across all stages in the one report, just like the budgets vs actuals screen.

UPDATE — Multi-currency invoicing

All software companies experience this: You go and launch a new feature and immediately discover there’s a problem — like when someone wants to work in Indonesian Rupiah using your multi-currency invoicing feature… Now, Synergy handles values up to 100 trillion! There are a few other small updates to multi-currency invoicing, find out more in the help files.


New to Synergy? Find out more about Synergy project portals here, the availability planner here, and multi-currency invoicing here.