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Moving from the old Synergy Practice Management desktop software to the Synergy cloud platform

Important information for Synergy desktop customers

Synergy Practice Management desktop software has served the AEC market extremely well for over 15 years. But all technology requires modernisation at some point — especially those that run critical business functions, like Synergy.

The rapid cloud development we’ve delivered since launching Synergy in 2017 has really helped our customers future-proof their business. In light of the Covid recession, it’s never been more important to modernise your business and transition to a dynamic, cloud platform to enable your team to work from anywhere; help you attract and retain staff; and deliver better projects.

We know migration from Synergy Practice Management desktop software to the Synergy cloud platform is not always easy. It’s a brand-new product built with new cloud technologies. So, it’s not an upgrade or a simple data migration process. It is a change management process. But you don’t have to do it all at once and we’re here to help. The Synergy migration journey is a proven eight-step process where planning is the key. The worst thing you can do is leave it until the last minute.

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Your migration team

Lauren Palmer — Customer Success Manager for Total Synergy.

Lauren Palmer
Customer Success Manager

Lauren is one of our customer success mangers dedicated to helping you migrate from Synergy desktop to the cloud. She is likely to be your first point of contact and will help kick-start your migration planning process. Lauren can help with any of your initial questions, organise online demonstrations and gather additional resources depending on the complexity of your migration.

Deidre Ruddick
Customer Success Consultant

Deidre is one of our senior consultants guiding our customers through the migration process to Synergy cloud. She understands Synergy from your perspective, as she used Synergy for years before joining our team. Deidre will help you manage the change within your business including trialling Synergy cloud with your current data, training, and helping you set-up new reports and templates.

Need a Synergy cloud refresher?

Change management for cloud software – best practice

Planning and scope

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Implementing change

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Sustaining change

Best practice part 3:

“Getting to that ideal future ultimately selies on making change stick in the long term” — Claudia Piscitelli tells you how to do that with your business in the third and final part of our change management.

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2,370 of your peers have already switched to Synergy cloud

Extent Heritage manages multiple offices and distributed field teams with Synergy software

Heritage Advisors, 31 – 100 staff
Since Feb 2020
2016 – 2019

“With all that fieldwork, you have a lot of detail to manage,” says Extent Heritage’s Joanne Craig, “A lot of documentation, across a lot of projects, and different disciplines…our staff just want to be in the field not tied down doing admin or timesheets.”

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How moving to the cloud kept Contour Consulting Engineers focused on their foundations

Engineering, 6 – 30 staff
Since Oct 2018
Since 2008

Finance manager Crystal, says the visibility on the performance of task, stage and project levels of work is probably the area of most impressive improvement for Contour Consulting Engineers. Read how they use Synergy to achieve that improvement.

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Cera Stribley Architects — Move to cloud

Cera Stribley Architects — how moving to the cloud gives the firm more time to learn

Architecture, 31 – 100 staff
Since Sep 2018
Since 2014

Melbourne-based Cera Stribley Architects began five years ago with four staff, and now has a team of 39 — a huge amount of growth in such a short time. Here’s how they did it and kept learning.

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