I’m on-board(ed)! — Scott Donnelly joins Team Total Synergy

I’m on-board(ed)! — Scott Donnelly joins Team Total Synergy

July 23rd, 2019

The shiniest and most valuable thing about Total Synergy is our bright, clever, cool, super skilled, extra excellent team. No question. We thought you might like a little look inside, to read how we roll, and get a sense of what it’s like to be part of the crew. Starting, as it were, at the beginning — with some of our newest team members’ experience of the on-boarding process. First up, our brand-new senior customer success specialist, Scott Donnelly (or ScoDo, as he’s affectionately known).

What was the interview process like?

It’s always good when you can tell a company is really interested in the interview process being a two-way thing. Each of us in the room interviewing each other. I think there’s definitely an ethos around what we do that values attitude and fit above skillset. There’s definitely that ‘hire for attitude, not for skill’ thing that is embedded into Total Synergy, which is very cool. It means you get passionate people who will collaborate and work together really well.

What was it like to come on board?

I think great on-boarding is about lots of little things. Once we confirmed that I was joining the team, I received some nice comms to welcome me, everyone in the office had posted welcome messages on Yammer. To get that before you even start, I think, is a nice little touch.

I walked in on day one and had a little present on my desk — that feels like there’s thought that’s gone into the details of your experience. It shows genuine care. Again, little things. The t-shirts in my welcome package were the right size — we’ve never had a conversation about that — somebody just figured that out. It’s a very cool thing.

A really great part of the experience for me was the first week. I think having fingers in all the pies here is a big thing. To get to sit down with the global head of marketing, with the product manager for the business, with the CEO on the first day and really get to understand what drives everyone, what their goals are and how they see what you do fitting into that vision is neat.

When the company’s small and you have people that have been working here for a long time, it can be a challenge to make new people feel like they’re going to slot in. But with this process I think you find a groove with the team really quickly.

How did on-boarding at Total Synergy compare?

I’ve worked at a few places over time, but I’d never experienced such a thorough on-boarding process before. I guess usually when you start a new job the idea is to get you ‘going live’ in whatever your role is, as quickly as possible. In those cases, the purpose of the onboarding experience is to cram whatever training and requirements and understanding into as short a space as possible. But to have something like two weeks to get accustomed just to the way people communicate and collaborate meant that when that live date came, I was ready … But also, I get the impression that it was really about when I was ready rather than there being a date, if you know what I mean?

Total Synergy has a really organic approach to the experience and it’s like there’s a mixture of all the nice little things. There’s also a great connection to the vision and direction of what we’re doing as a company, but it lets you find your feet in amongst all those things to arrive at the place where you’re comfortable to start contributing and doing cool stuff.

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