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RIBA Future Leaders 2019 update.

RIBA Future Leaders update

April 2nd, 2019

We love supporting architectural industry events. Architects are our people. In particular, in the UK last week, we got to hang out with RIBA at Future Leaders where our EMEA regional manager, Damiaan van Zanen got to meet a few people.

“We met everyone from architects to senior associates and directors/owners of architectural firms, both large and small. It was great to see such a diverse group of budding leaders,” Damiaan said.

This first of three sessions was focused around the theme of ‘Developing a Leadership Mindset’. Damiaan said that while there were a lot of messages delivered about how to become a leader and what leadership is within any business, there was a clear theme that architects are generally leaders by nature and surfacing skills in this area is not only key to being a great leader in a practice, but also in being a great architect.

RIBA Future Leaders update.

“We had future leaders in large firms telling us that old technology is holding them back, and in small firms saying that they are still using paper or spreadsheets and would love to be able to bring new technology to take the firm forward,” he said.

“In some cases (across both large and small firms) what was holding them back was the daunting nature of change management and the understanding (or misunderstanding) of what a big project like that would be like to undertake.”

We’re always keen to hear how you and your practice approach architectural, engineering and construction design management technology. We’re also always keen to mingle. That’s just the kind of wingmen we are.

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