Our values

At Synergy we think of our values as our moral compass. We challenge ourselves to demonstrate these values in everything we do, everyday. This is what they are — affectionately known as “RIC” (Ric’s become one of the team):


Total Synergy values - respect


– Don’t hold a grudge
– Don’t assume (ask questions)
– Listen first


Total Synergy value - integrity


– No Bull (don’t take it personally)
– Treat others as you want to be treated
– Behave ethically


Total Synergy value - care


– Show empathy at all times
– Be considerate at all times
– We are here to help


Of course, any company can stick a bunch of ‘values’ on their website or office wall, but the proof is in actually giving a s**t about them.

We truly value our values at Synergy. Each team is asked to reflect on the RIC-roll — who you’ve observed living the values that week — at weekly catch-ups and at our quarterly company-wide meetings.

Taking time to reflect and acknowledge RIC helps us remember why we do what we do. It also helps us recruit people who genuinely match and aspire to live these values, all of which means a great team and a great client experience.

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