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Meet our #TeamTotalSynergy WFH colleagues

Meet our #TeamTotalSynergy WFH colleagues

March 27th, 2020

The dichotomy of these covid-colored times (well, one dichotomy, among many) seems to be that, with social isolation, we humans need contact with each other more now than … possibly, ever.  

It’d be funny, but it’s too darned upsetting and creepy. To this end, dear Built Environment Bods, we want to reach out and (not) hold your hand as much as possible. And we want to invite you into the (non)hand-holding circle of Team Total Synergy. 

We realized very quickly after starting our work-from-home (WFH) practices here that regular and whimsical contact with each other is a must for mental morale and spirit-saving. We also realised that our WFH colleagues were possibly not as funny as our office mates, but they’re definitely cuter!  

*Soz, Team TS, but look at the faces below and say it’s not true?!* 

Do you have a WFH colleague we need to see and swoon over? We’d love it if you’d share your pics on Facebook or Twitter and we’ll get them up here. We’re all one big team after all. And those of us without pooches or kitties need to live vicariously.  


We’ll keep the intros up, so keep an eye over here. And be well, Legends. 

Meet Archie. He’s helping Anne, one of Total Synergy’s customer success representatives, answer support questions from our customers.

Tia’s taking a well-deserved break after helping Ash, one of Total Synergy’s BA/QAs, test that Synergy is working properly. It’s a tough gig.

Apinya works as our customer success manager in the UK. She doesn’t have any pets, instead she looks after these beautiful succulents.

“Don’t mind me.” Meet Levi — Jamie’s (Group Marketing Manager) apprentice. It’s been a looooooong day.

Ezra found out that Levi’s photo made it to the Total Synergy website, so he asked Jamie if he could have a photo too. #SayCheese








Doesn’t Dermott just make your heart melt? He’s keeping Belle in good spirits as she works from home.









Cracka’s supervising developer, Benj, and making sure he stays on task.












Biddy’s letting Clare, Total Synergy’s head of people and culture, know that she’s hungry (and not happy!).








These are Damiaan’s (Regional Manager, EMEA) plant babies. They keep him zen while working from home. (This is just one corner of his home!)




This is Link. He’s helping Lauren help our customers get the most out of Synergy in their businesses. Link’s a very focussed colleague.







Levi recently joined Total Synergy’s customer success team in Australia (*cheers*). Meet Apollo. He’s the newest addition to Levi’s family.






Meet Hallie. Hallie is Jenny’s finance assistant. Hallie is always eager to help.






Amber and Paxton have thrown in the white towel, as Ross brings the Total
Synergy brand to life. #ThatDesigner

Georgia’s work-from-home colleague hasn’t been pulling her weight.
Nevertheless, Total Synergy’s content specialist enjoys her company.


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