Meet Alistair, one of our Product Managers at Total Synergy

Alistair is an integral part of the Product team whose role revolves around driving the success and evolution of Synergy products and overseeing the entire product lifecycle, from problem to delivery and beyond.

As a seasoned product manager, Alistair brings years of diverse experience in new product, feature discovery, strategy, and data analysis. “I’m known within the Product team for being particularly fond of the discovery process, as it lets me jump down a rabbit hole like ‘Alice in Wonderland’ to pursue more information, insights and data, that drive better user outcomes.”

With a background as a Chief Market Analyst, his unique perspective marries financial acumen with product strategy. Alistair’s journey has spanned various contracting environments, allowing him to navigate a rich tapestry of products across multiple companies. “My knack for simplifying complex concepts ensures that ideas are not just understood but swiftly embraced by all stakeholders.”

One thing Alistair enjoys about working at Total Synergy: It’s the people, arguably you spend more time with your co-workers than your family, for me this was a critical consideration when first deciding to join the team at Total Synergy. I have the privilege of collaborating daily with some amazing individuals with a unique blend of expertise, creativity, skills, and dedication, which creates a dynamic environment to work and sometimes play in.

One thing Alistair would like to share about himself: I am currently doing the May 50k (except 100kms) for the MS foundation, I actively try and support the MS foundation at any opportunity that I can.


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