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Introduction to SynergyHR

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Monika Schaap — Total Synergy

Join Monika for this 15-minute webinar where she will take you through Synergy’s newest add-on.

What we’ll cover

We’re excited to announce the launch of SynergyHR. This add-on is a much-requested addition to the Synergy cloud platform, and we know many of you can’t wait to start using it.

This webinar will demonstrate how SynergyHR can help manage your specific human resourcing needs. Unlike other systems, this one fully integrates your HR workflows into your business and practice management system, to save you time and money on your architecture, engineering, and built environment projects.

Monika Schaap will show you:

  • How Synergy HR keeps staff information and documents private and protected
  • How to set performance review reminders to track your employee performance
  • An overview of leave policy creation and configuration
  • How Synergy HR helps you to assess project impacts when approving leave
  • The benefits of tracking staff skills and qualifications