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Tips for writing a review on G2 Crowd

Writing a review shouldn’t take a lot of time. It’s just a way to share your personal experience (in your own words) with others in your community.

It doesn’t matter if writing isn’t your thing – just think about what you wanted to know when you were looking for project management software. Be honest and balanced, don’t hype it.

Take a look at the required questions for a G2 Crowd review below to see how easy it is.

Write a review of Synergy on G2 Crowd

A great title makes people read your review

The best review headlines are simple and identify the main business problem Synergy helped you solve eg:

  • Reduces admin and keeps you organised
  • Delivers projects in half the time
  • Centralises work safely in the cloud
  • Collaboration with the entire project team is easy

G2Crowd - how to write a review

Provide some detail from both sides

People like honesty. Tell your story in your words. What stood out for you?

G2Crowd - how to write a review

Build on your title

This is where you can add a bit more detail about the great title you wrote

Software categories

You can tick one or both of these – it’s simply how our software is categorised on G2 Crowd.

G2Crowd - how to write a review

Maximise your credibility

Boost the credibility of your review by uploading a screenshot of Synergy and putting your name and picture against your review. This way people know you’re a real, likeminded professional (not a bot or a plant).

G2Crowd - how to write a review

Write a review of Synergy on G2 Crowd

Write a review on g2crowd

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