Webinar — Synergy document templates

Webinar — Synergy document templates

Save time with Synergy document templates

One of our customers reported a 75% time saving on the production of their business documents, by using Synergy:

“The templates draw data directly from Synergy, which reduces human input and means fewer errors. This has had an immediate impact on how profitable that part of the business is — not only are the documents more profitable themselves, we can put the five to 15 business hours saved per week into other things.”

About the Synergy document templates webinar

Custom templates for your AEC business documents save hours every week. That’s a lot of person-power (and capital) over the course of months and years.

Do you find creating and editing Synergy document templates challenging? Not sure where to start?

We’re here to help! 

The Synergy document templates webinar takes you through the best way to create document templates from scratch, edit existing templates, add and remove bookmarks, adjust your tables to present your data meaningfully, how and where to upload and download your templates and documents, and more.

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