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Synergy2019 — Speakers


Dan Gregory — The Impossible Institute

Dan is a captivating leadership speaker whose business acumen is matched by a rapier wit and rare human insight gained during a three year sabbatical working on the US and UK stand-up comedy circuits — skills put to great use in front of 1.4 million viewers as a regular on ABC TV’s The Gruen Transfer and The Seven Network’s Sunrise. His mission is to advise organisations how to build more engaged cultures and to help leaders and professionals amplify their influence and change the conversation.

Dan Gregory - Keynote Speaker

Technology keynote

Jaron Cohen — Microsoft

Jaron Cohen is Partner Technology Manager at Microsoft Australia. He is focused on building unique and creative solutions with ‘modern workplace’ and business applications partners that maximise their profitability and create transformational and amazing customer experiences. He has worked at Microsoft Australia for over 14 years including roles as the product marketing manager for Windows, sales lead for Office 365 and industry specialist within the telecommunication and media sector.

Before joining Microsoft, Jaron led the Telstra Mobile, Wireless Business Development team responsible for developing Telstra’s first 2.5 and 3G commercial services.

Jaron Cohen — Partner Technology Manager, Microsoft Australia


Elysse Morgan

Elysse Morgan hosts The Business on ABC TV and ABC NEWS Channel from Mondays to Thursdays. An award-winning journalist with a specialist business and finance background, Elysse has been at the ABC for almost a decade.

After joining the ABC as a rural reporter focusing on trade and resources, her specialist knowledge saw her promoted to ABC News’ national finance round. Prior to that Elysse worked at Sky News.


Belinda Kimber — Niche Environment and Heritage

Belinda is the corporate services manager for Niche Environment and Heritage, a multidisciplinary consultancy specialising in ecology and biodiversity, heritage management, environmental management and approvals and environmental offsetting.

With more than 20 years’ experience in business administration and accounting, she manages a highly skilled business support and administration team, supporting the company’s group of ecologists, botanists, archaeologists, environmental engineers and heritage architects.


Kat Lethbridge — Cera Stribley Architects

Cera Stribley Architects (CSA) is a design-focused practice, led by managing principals Dom Cerantonio and Chris Stribley and supported by a team of 36 employees.

As a young, rapidly growing business, CSA created Kat’s role to gain greater insight into the day-to-day financials, as well as overseeing the ‘big picture’ plans for the practice. Much of Kat’s career has been within the creative industry, across businesses that ranged in size from five to 135 employees and she is most interested in continual improvement through building process efficiencies.

Executive insights

Larissa Leone — Two Birds Consulting

Larissa is co-founder and director of Two Birds Consulting, a back-of-house business operations consultancy specialising in architecture and built environment design businesses. Drawing from her extensive management experience in architecture, interior design, urban design, town planning and construction, she has helped transform many organisations’ back-of-house functions into efficient, high performing operations.

Two Birds Consulting offers services including financial management, general business management, communications, HR management and compliance reporting, providing an alternative to hiring, training and managing staff for non-core activities.

Larissa Leone — Co-founder and Director, Two Birds Consulting

Executive insights

Scott O’Hehir — Checkside

Scott is a director and co-founder of Checkside, a specialist consulting firm that helps clients deliver high performance by connecting their people to business strategy. Scott is a talented strategy consultant, problem solver and performance coach who specialises in helping organisations looking to successfully scale-up and/or navigate change.

Scott works with companies as diverse as SaaS start-ups, billion-dollar mineral processing start-ups and the owner of one of Australia’s best-known tourism brands. Scott has also been recognised for his success in business turnaround projects, including his involvement in a project awarded ‘turnaround of the year’ by the Turnaround Management Association.

Scott O'Hehir — Co-founder and Director, Checkside

CEO keynote

Scott Osborne — CEO, Total Synergy

Scott was enjoying a distinguished career in professional services and software sales, then one of his clients asked him to find a better technology solution for running his AEC design business. Synergy was born (probably in the kitchen or bedroom, if it’s a real software origin story).

It’s this entrepreneurial spirit that underpins our company’s success (and ultimately saved Scott from a career in accounting). Give Scott half a chance and he’ll “just quickly” draw explanatory diagrams on his Surface (or a napkin), causing eye rolls and enthusiasm in equal measure.

Scott Osborne — CEO, Total Synergy

Synergy product

Paul Hemmings — Product Manager, Total Synergy

Paul graduated as an architect in 1991, then worked at the Cox Group in IT. In 1997, he founded ProjectCentre (now renamed ‘iTWOcx’), a very well-known construction and engineering project management platform that pre-dated Aconex. ProjectCentre managed quality, financial, and contractual control and safety.

In 2012, Paul and his co-founder sold ProjectCentre to RIB Software and Paul remained with the product as the R&D director for a further four years. He joined Team Total Synergy in November 2017 and is responsible for the design of our software products and features.

Paul Hemmings — Product Manager, Total Synergy

Executive insights

Deidre Ruddick — Customer Success Consultant, Total Synergy

Deidre is one of our consultants, helping customers improve with Synergy. She has also worked with Synergy for many years as a former customer (even attending our Synergy conferences previously).

Originally trained as an accountant, Deidre is experienced as a business manager and worked for a built environment design consultancy, responsible for implementation and success of Synergy from 2006 to 2017. She enjoys developing the strategic focus of a business and believes the numbers tell you how successful you are and where the opportunities for growth and focus are for the future.

Deidre Ruddick — Customer Success Consultant,  Total Synergy

Hands-on with Synergy

Anne Thompson — Customer Success Representative, Total Synergy

Anne has worked in several roles in both customer consulting and product development. She’s now part of our frontline customer success team. With this background, Anne knows Synergy inside and out from a functional perspective and from a business use-case perspective.

Anne’s ICT career began in 1990 specialising in service delivery, training, documentation and helpdesk management, in both the public and private sectors.

Anne Thompson — Customer Success Representative, Total Synergy

Hands-on with Synergy

Greg Hill — Customer Success Consultant, Total Synergy

Known for his wit and humorous storytelling, Greg is also a former maths teacher. He’s found online (and on the road) helping our larger clients around Australia wrangle data and reports to improve their practice and project management. Greg holds a master’s degree in business and technology and is a prolific Excel pivot table charmer.

A keen and successful motorbike racer, his commitment to a cause is evident from narrowly avoiding being the meat in a bike-and-barrier sandwich at the bottom of Conrod Straight at Bathurst (famous Australian motor racing circuit).

Greg Hill — Customer Success Consultant, Total Synergy

Hands-on with Synergy

Lauren Palmer — Customer Success Manager, Total Synergy

Lauren has worked in software customer success since 2013. Her previous roles include working with mobile apps and payment software. Here at Synergy, she helps our newest users in the Australia/New Zealand region get to know Synergy through the on-boarding process, and supports our customers as they continue to adopt Synergy and improve how they run their business and projects.



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Lauren Palmer — Customer Success Manager, Total Synergy

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