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Introduction to Synergy forecasting webinar

About the introduction to Synergy forecasting webinar

We don’t have a live webinar scheduled at the moment, but sign up to our newsletter (below) and we’ll send you a recording of the introduction to Synergy forecasting webinar. Watch to find out how Synergy forecasting (Business level) helps architects and engineers make educated guesses about the future health of their businesses.

This webinar is perfect for directors/owners, practice and business managers, project managers, sole traders — get your project team together so you can discuss it as a group.

This is for Synergy Business level forecasting (not Enterprise).


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What we cover

Forecasting is the process of making an educated guess about the future health of your business. Directors, practice managers and project managers need to answer two important questions:

  • Will I have enough revenue to run my business and pay my staff?
  • Will I have enough capacity to service the projects I expect to win?

Synergy forecasting helps you answer those questions in an intuitive, drag-and-drop Gantt chart. In this webinar, we’ll take you through:

  • What is forecasting
  • How forecasting works in Synergy
  • Revenue forecast
  • Capacity forecast
  • Simple examples of forecasting in different scenarios

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