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Using multiple apps to manage your practice data?

Synergy is a cloud-based business and project management software for architects and engineers. We’re built to help. 

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Jo, Junior Full Stack Developer


You’re responsible for beating the drum that drives your architecture team. You want streamlined, efficient, best-practice systems so you can facilitate success for the whole business. We know you’re in charge of people at the coalface of your business and face common challenges including: 

What is Synergy software?

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See how Total Synergy has built Synergy software specifically to support your business and project success.



We invite you to join Paul Hemmings, our Head of Product, for an introduction to Total Synergy and a quick overview of our Synergy cloud application.

Special offer for new customers

3 months FREE!*

We’re excited to show you how we help you meet and defeat the real, daily challenges you face in your business and project management. For that reason, we want to offer you Synergy free for three months when you sign up for an annual contract before October 1, 2021.

*Terms and conditions apply. Talk to us to find out more.

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How many systems do you currently have to flick between to put together reports for managers and senior managers (reports that are out of date as soon as you’ve created them)? What does it look like when people log their expenses, and who goes through them all to reconcile them against claims? How long does it take you to close the books at the end of each month? How hard do you have to push staff to use your systems and keep data uptodate? 


We’re hearing all the time, that for people managing architecture businesses, hours — sometimes days — per week are being wasted moving between software systems. It’s inefficient, wasteful, and frustrating. It also keeps you narrowly focused on admin tasks, when your best work exists in broad-view better business practices.  


Our single focus is to save you time in administration and manual processes, so you can raise your eyes and actually focus on managing your practice. Our software is built with and for architects, so we understand which features are critical to you.

A user-friendly, design-led interface

Real-time data (available as it’s entered)

A best-practice timesheet system

Fast and reliable invoicing

Synergy Add-ons streamline and centralise your business

Connecting leading applications to Synergy has huge benefits including saving time by eliminating double entry, streamlining your management processes, and getting a clearer, broader, real-time view of what’s really happening in your business and projects.


Check out the add-ons we offer for Synergy cloud and see how we can centralise your data and simplify your workflows.

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“One of the opportunities that comes with moving to the cloud is that it’s much easier now to integrate one software with another.”

Paul Hemmings
Head of Product Total Synergy


Welcome to Total Synergy
Get to know us a little better.

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Case Study

Are you inKleined to go the cloud? The successes of one architecture firm ‘up there’.

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Data Dominance
Integrated practice management.

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