Need a 360º view of your built environment projects?

Synergy is a cloud-based business and project management software for architects, engineers, and built environment design professionals. We’re made to help.

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You’re all about delivering incredible built environment projects. We know that means accountability (and KPIs) across almost every aspect of your practice. You look after: 

What is Synergy software?

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See how Total Synergy has built Synergy software specifically to support your business and project success.

Real-time visibility

That’s a lot to juggle. You’re out there winning business and executing profitable projects, and we hear constantly about the need for tools to deliver on both counts. How can you see where your projects are at without them? 


If you’re looking at a project team’s timesheets, for example, in a report cobbled together by someone in the business management team, from several different software systems (or worse, from a bunch of Excel spreadsheets) you’re looking at project data that’s already out of date.  


Let’s say it’s two weeks old by the time it’s in your hands. How can you put the measures in place to rescue that project if you’re over budget against time with your resources? You can’t.  


If you do take a corrective action to save it, you’ll have to wait another two weeks to see if you’ve affected the project trajectory the way you wanted. It’s a waste of your time, and it comes back to the need for proper project management tools. 


Our single focus is on providing those tools to allow you to monitor your projects, in real-time, across budgets, resource, and time — from anywhere, at any point, stage, or task in your project’s progress. Our software is built with and for built environment professionals, so we understand which features are critical to you.

Project performance

Live dashboards

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Project portals

A best-practice timesheet system



We invite you to join Paul Hemmings, our Head of Product, for an introduction to Total Synergy and a quick overview of our Synergy cloud application.


We know you’re busy, so grab a coffee and spend 15 minutes with us. Paul will show you how you can focus on delivering great projects, made easier with the right tools. You’ll also see how you can gain business insights through your own data.


11am, 29th June 2021 (BST)

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Welcome to Total Synergy
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Case Study

How a specialist engineering consultancy keeps track of over 150 concurrent projects.

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Hard benefits of software for AEC project management.

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