“Project managers can see how their projects are performing, with more efficiency.”

Logan McLennan | Ground Testing Business Manager, RDCL

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Logan McLennan — RDCL

Role/s in the business

“[As ground testing business manager], my role in RDCL is looking after the graphite testing and geophysics team, and quality assurance.”

Improved visibility into business costs

“Previously, we’d never really captured a lot of those transactional costs to the same efficiency and our budgets were more top down driven, not built bottom up. Now we can see where the cost overruns are instead of just looking at the end of the month and finding we had less billable time than we anticipated. For example, we can see if we overran on a job because we put the wrong person on that task when we budgeted for a lower rate, or they spent five hours on the job instead of three.”

More efficient resource planning

“[Synergy] enables us to ensure we price projects correctly and look into ways we can be more efficient with resourcing. We can very quickly see which staff members are working well and which staff members are overworking to get the same result.”

The value of Synergy timesheets

“The key to running a high number of short projects is booking time — we use our timesheets quite accurately for working out all the transaction costs, and so we can see our actual costs against the budgeted cost, which is working well with Synergy.”

Why we need Synergy

“We need the ability to weight projects and ensure we’re assigning the right assets to the right projects. Without doing that, we’re not delivering the work effectively, which could affect business and ultimately affect our customers.”

Core Synergy features used by Logan

Time saved as a result

“[Prior to Synergy], the only way we could work out productivity against profitability was to manually export the data to figure out the number of hours that somebody has booked in, load it all into Excel, then manually work out their cost base per hour, and then see what came out. You had to run a lot more manual calculations.

“It was a monthly exercise at best and was reactive, not proactive or real time.

“[Synergy] makes it faster to compile and analyse this critical data, and the quality of that data is a significant improvement.”

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