Setting up the integration between Synergy and Xero

Setting up the integration between Synergy and Xero


Architecture and engineering firms use the Xero Connect add-on to transfer data from Synergy to Xero. This means avoiding having to enter the same information in both systems.

Many Synergy items can be synced with Xero, saving architecture and engineering firms valuable time:

  • Invoices
  • Credit notes
  • Invoice payments
  • Invoice contacts
  • Inventory items
  • Bills
  • Bill payments
  • Staff cash expenses
  • Staff travel expenses

Follow these steps to setup the integration between Synergy and Xero for your architecture or engineering firm:

Step 1: Setup the settings for Connect

The settings for Connect allow architecture and engineering firms to customize how their data appears in Xero. Control mapping items such as:

  • What sales revenue account each invoice or credit note will be added within.
  • Which bank account the payments will be added within.
  • Mapping for tax code and tracking category options for invoices and expenses.
  • Setting up what will be sent as the inventory items for invoices and expenses.
  • If invoice payments are exported from Synergy to Xero, or imported from Xero to Synergy.
  • What expense account supplier bills or staff expenses will be added within.

Step 2: Preview the sync

Check what data is valid to be transferred to Xero by the Synergy Connect sync. The data is grouped to show the invoices, credit notes, invoice payments, bills, and staff expenses that are valid for a sync run. Check the data shown, then click the ‘Sync’ button to transfer the items to Xero.

Resolve any errors shown before running the sync, or skip any lines that you don’t want to transfer to Xero. Lines are skipped by unchecking the line or the group of data, and on refresh of the page, they are saved to the ‘Skipped records’ tab. You can add back the skipped lines into a future sync as required.

Example of an invoice in Synergy and Xero

The invoice below has been setup in a Synergy project for multiple stages:

The settings in Xero Connect have been setup as follows:

  • Account code = Fixed to account 200
  • Invoice reference = Project number
  • Inventory item = Project number
  • Synergy invoice note to be sent as a $0 line item

This results in the invoice in Xero being shown as in the below example:

Find out more about the Xero add-on for Synergy, for architecture and engineering firms.

“When we do invoices, we can shoot them straight across to Xero, our bookkeeper will process payments in Xero, and then we import them back into Synergy — it’s a great feature.”

Daniel Calder | Director, Bespoke Architects

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