Bullclip add-on for Synergy

Bullclip add-on for Synergy

Architects and engineers can export Synergy PDFs and image files to Bullclip for markup.

The Bullclip add-on for Synergy lets you send drawings, documents and images from Synergy to Bullclip for markup.

Bullclip is a live markup and drawing application for documents, images, and drawings. The Bullclip add-on for Synergy is an integration that lets you export Synergy PDFs and image files to Bullclip to use the markup and collaboration options.

  • Send documents from Synergy to Bullclip
  • Drag and drop to the Bullclip folder in Synergy
  • Import marked-up documents from Bullclip
  • The marked-up document is saved as a new version

The Bullclip add-on for Synergy lets you connect to Bullclip as an add-on application

Bullclip allows your entire project team to collaborate on live drawings with real-time markup across Windows 10, iOS and the web. It’s team markup for architects, engineers and construction people.

With the Bullclip add-on for Synergy, you can transfer documents — images, PDFs, drawings — from your project folder by dragging the document you want to markup to the Bullclip folder (once activated as an add-on application).

Synergy will ask for your Bullclip login credentials, then prompt you to open Bullclip where you’ll find your document in a new project, ready for markup.

Once you’ve completed your team markups in Bullclip, you can tell Synergy to bring the document or image back to your Synergy project folder as a new version.

Some highlights of Bullclip

  • Real-time markups across all team members and devices (great for meetings)
  • Toggle individual shared markup layers on the drawing canvas
  • Overlay complex drawings on top of each other for comparison, rendered in seconds
  • Annotate and markup with precision using digital ink (Surface Pen, Apple Pencil) and other popular tools
  • In-drawing communication via chat timeline

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